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Chiptune’s greatest and most prolific horrorpunkster ‘+Let’s Disinfect!+’ is gracing TWG with a self-titled album, three years in the making, and his usual bouts of anthemic chippunk.
Continuing our tradition of showcasing chiptune with experimental or ‘out of the ordinary’ applications, Sean Monistat, aka +Let’s Disinfect!+, produces his most diverse album yet. Whilst tracks like ‘My Life Hurts’ and the title track delve into that familiar upbeat +LD!+ sound, this debut full-length sees an expansion of Let’s Disinfect’s repertoire, drawing on post-punk sounds on ‘Melted Ice Cream’, prog metal meanderings in ‘A Garden of Mutants’ and nods to chipthrash in ‘Buy My Lawnmower!’. This all adds up to the most diverse, effective and repeatable Let’s Disinfect release to date.
As with most releases here on TWG, ‘+Let’s Disinfect!+’ is a grower, and repeat listens will let those punk pop-lined hooks dig only deeper into the brain, until every single lyric is engraved into natural impulse. And if the adhesive motifs weren’t enough, the vibrancy of textures and styles coated with that trademark ‘less-is-more’ chip (in this case DS) programming and crowd-chanting shouts of frontman Sean leave this release in the stratosphere when comparing it to vocal/chip albums of the past. From the plodding determination of ‘Contact!’ to the ferocious outburst of the title track, Let’s Disinfect! continues to cement himself as an essential forward thinker within an often saturated scene, and an extremely talented one at that.


released August 17, 2013

All music and mastering by Sean Padraic Monistat.
Download comes with lyric sheet and back cover!

Released under CC BY-NC-SA 3.0



all rights reserved


The Waveform Generators Worthing, UK


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Track Name: Contact!
It is for you that my heart swells.
Since you've come, the warmth of the sun
Is now a sweet reminder of the feeling of your touch.
The soft strength of your embrace is
The soft sand, on our safe beach.
Never stray from reach.
The sea eats away at the shore.
Over time, the coast changes
But in our minds, through devotion
A perfect permanence we'll find.
Track Name: Winter
Burning cold, freezing rain
Winter is coming on again.
Stay inside, bar your door
Burn your bible to stay warm.
Freezing cold, burning rain
Winter is never leaving.
Stay inside, pray for light
Eat your family to survive.
Track Name: Melted Ice Cream
Same sick feeling, I stare at the ceiling
I'll help you pack your bags if you get out of my life.
No use staying, I'm tired if saying
Here's my subtle way of saying "Hope you choke".
And I don't want to know
What you do with your spare time.
Or why your sheets are so much dirtier than mine.
You'll find someone who could
To give a shit, because it's not me.
Because if I stop the world,
I melt with me.
No one is losing, no time for confusion.
Watching 80's movies is how I spend my time.
When you leave Gainesville,
Don't forget your pain pills.
Pack them in a case and then get on
With your pathetic life.
Track Name: My Life Hurts
Think you know me?
You don't know me.
Everybody look at me,
My life hurts.
Now and then, it wouldn't get so bad...
What does it mean when there is no one there?
You don't know me, you don't know me.
Everybody look at me, my life sucks.
Track Name: Bleachbrain Zombie
I'm drilling into your skull,
I'm drilling into your mind.
I'm drilling into your skull,
I'm drilling into your brain.
Bleachbrain Zombie.
Track Name: Buy My Lawnmower!
Hey, asshole.
Yeah, you.
Buy my lawnmower!
It cuts grass just fine.
It cut mine.
You know you need to
Buy my fucking lawnmower, asshole.
Track Name: Let's Disinfect!
One day you're going to wake up and
Realize your whole life has been a waste.
And you will hold your head and cry,
You will realize the difference you didn't make.
Let's Disinfect!
You waste you time, you waste you mind,
You waste your life looking for something
You'll never find.
You feel so unfulfilled, you cry your eyes out every night,
And wonder why you're alive at all.
Track Name: The Me I Must Protect
My heart must be rotting.
My heart must be necrotic
If I have to hurt to feel the
Pain that I should be in.
Denying my emotions
Partitioning my mind
Makes honesty seem relative,
And truthfulness so hopelessly elusive.
I want to be proud of
The image I project,
Instead of ashamed of
The me I must protect.
It's fucking hopeless.